Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks & bits & pieces.....

First off, THANK YOU for the support & best wishes yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better today, and I do think PART of yesterday's melt-down was PMS-induced. (Why do they call it PMS -pre-menstrual syndrom, when it happens DURING your menses???? There's no PRE about it!!!) Pile that on top of the lack of respect at work, and the lack of sympathy here at home & I was ready to chew anybody's head off.

In fact, I went to get myself a bowl of ice-cream yesterday afternoon and wallow in the self-pity for a bit, and found the cannister had less than one scoopful in it. I'd forgotten that there was more ice-cream tucked further back. I called DH, ready to bite his head off for eatting all the freaking ice-cream and leaving ONE MEASLY half-scoop in the cannister. He calmly reminded me that there was more further back, and when he came home he brought two half-pints of stuff he won't eat (Hagendaaz Butter Pecan and Creme Brulee flavors). *wry smile* Ok. Occasionally he DOES get it right.

But yeah, Barefoot G..... almost 3 years ago I got the flu for the first time in my memory. I stayed home one day when I was feeling incredibly crappy. He knew I was feeling like death-warmed-over (and I looked it), and yet 9 pm rolled around & he hadn't bothered to get the kiddo anything to eat because he was so busy watching TV. So, I climbed out of my rocking chair (where I'd been huddled, freezing, covered in afghans, trying to read & doze at the same time) and popped some fish fillets & fries into the oven. Of course he's glued to the TV making these vague protestations about how he was going to get her something, if I'd just chill out. *shaking head* On top of that, I was so incoherant that I forgot to use a mitt when I went to remove the baking sheet from the oven, and burnt the shit out of my hand (nice second-degree burn, too). It was only when I started swearing & crying that he popped out of his tv-induced stupor to come finish getting DD's dinner. And I got chewed out for not "waiting for him to do it". Nevermind that it WAS 9 pm and the kiddo still hadn't eatten. *shaking head*

And yeah, if he gets so much as the sniffles you'd think the world was coming to an end & there were invisible demons torturing him on top of it. *rolling eyes* Men!


So, dinner last night consisted of fried pike & tator-tots. *wry smile* Another not-so-healthy supper. But the pike was good!!!! My FIL's best friend likes fishing, but his wife & daughter won't eat fish (or, at least not pike). So, he always gives what he catches to the FIL who periodically passes some of it on to us. This was a nice sized pike, too, from the looks of it. I dredged it in a mix of 1/2 flour & 1/2 cornmeal with Cajun seasoning thrown in to flavor. Fry in hot-oil till fish starts falling apart. The tator-tots were baked (as usual, in my house).


I've been doing my 20 minutes of exercise in the mornings, still. I'm feeling rather good because of it (yesterday's crappy-ness not withstanding), as well. I start out with 5 minutes or so of walking in place with my weights, warming up. Do 50 jumping jacks (or, 30, then walk for a couple more minutes, then another 20 jumping jacks), and then go back to walking. I'm not doing as good as I'd like with picking up my feet & swinging my arms, but I throw in a minute of that, then go back to "strolling pace" for a couple of minutes. I just can't keep the pace as quick and steady as I'd like. *shrug* Oh well. It's more than I WAS doing.

And after my 20 minutes of exercise, I make myself a smoothie and cool down while sucking that down and starting my blog-visits. And this morning I even had a hard-boiled egg.

No weight difference that I can tell, yet. But, as I said, I'm feeling pretty darn good during the rest of the day. I haven't had that 4 pm slump since I started doing this 20 minutes every morning. And, though I didn't do Friday or Saturday mornings, I've done 20 minutes every other morning since last Tuesday. That's kind of a novelty for me. ROFL

Can ya tell I'm a bit lazy??? *wink* Now if only I could bring myself to wear off some of that energy (though, I'm enjoying it so much why would I want to wear it off?) by cleaning house. *rolling eyes* Yeah, like that's going to happen without some other incentive.


Tonight's supper is only beef steak & baked potatoes and some sort of veggie. Probably broccoli for DD and I and raw carrots for DH. But I DO have my home-grown chives to top my potato with!!! *grin*

Ok..... I think that about covers it. Not too much excitement, really.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Connie Peterson said...

Glad you are feeling better. Now, go plant some swiss chard (like the page I sent you) and this winter you will feed great!

I am going to try a swiss chard recipe for Norm today for lunch - we'll see if he likes it!