Monday, July 30, 2007

Crimeny sakes.... Will they NEVER learn???

So I saw this article on yahoo just now:

And again I'm struck by the irony of the situation it appears we're getting ourselves into. Historically it appears that we've repeatedly given arms & military support & know-how to "friends" only to have them turn those arms & know-how against us in the not-too-distant future. In the last hundred years, we've done that with Iraq & Afghanistan, if I recall correctly, and they've since turned around & used those arms against us, and now we're trying to dig ourselves back out of the whole we dug by giving them the arms & know-how in the first place. Now we're trotting down the same path all over again. Giving arms & military support & know-how to the Saudi's. What's to stop them, in 10 or 20 years from turning those same arms & know-how against us??? Absolutely nothing. And yet, we seemed determined to repeat history time and again, because our stupid, freaking political leaders won't learn from past mistakes. *shaking head* Seriously, something needs to happen to these people to earn them 1st place in the Darwin Awards, thus purifying the gene pool from their particular brand of stupidity. (Not advocating somebody else doing the harming, I'm wishing they'd manage to remove themselves from the equation on their own. So, no threats or advocation of violence, here.) Unfortunately, there seem always to be more folks ready to take their place in the acts of stupidity.


Really. The idiocy!

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