Saturday, July 21, 2007

Now THAT was Freakin' Fun!!!!

So, 4 of my coworkers & I went to see HP & tOOtP last night. What a blast!!!!! Despite the fact that I locked my keys in my car then couldn't seem to get ahold of DH on the cell phones, I went & enjoyed the movie nonetheless. The popcorn wasn't as good as I was hoping it'd be, but otherwise.... What a blast!!!!

I really think I prefer the way the filming was handled in this movie more than any of the other movies. Number 3 remains my next favorite. Number 4 was just so darkly filmed that a lot of the details weren't visible, it seemed. This one started off matter of factly, and went through the movie covering all the necessary details so that the main points of the story would be understood.

Yeah, they added some bits that weren't in the book. Unfortunately they had to leave out a LOT of details that WERE in the book, but for the sake of time & getting the point across, I think a very good job was done.

I LOVED Tonks, and I wish more of her character had been seen. The actress who played her was perfect. As was Delores Umbridge's character, and Luna Lovegood's. Whomever did the casting did it perfectly!!! My one disappointement was that Trelawney lacked some of the color & pizzaz she had in previous movies. Even though I didn't like her character persay, she was very colorless in this movie and I really wish she'd still been portrayed as very over-the-top & flamboyant. But, all of the characters seemed rather drab in this movies, literally color-less. Of course the Weasley's still had their brilliant red hair, but with Mr. & Mrs. Weasly even that was played down. McGonagal didn't have any scottish tartan color to her, as she has in all the past movies (that I recall). In all the other movies, Dumbledore seemed to always have some shimmering blue quality about him, almost like a moonstone, and that wasn't present in this movie either. Maybe it's because of how the dementors are supposed to make everything & everybody feel so colorless & hopeless, and they're now free to torment as they please, but I missed that colorfull Harry Potter world that we've seen in previous movies. Snape & Sirius were well portrayed, as usual. Loved the one little clip of Prof. Flitwick expressing his dislike for Umbridge. I was kind of struck, in the flash-back clips & visions of Harry's Mom, how she almost resembled J.K. Rowling herself. Of course, in a literal sense, J.K. Rowling IS HP's mom, which made it rather appropriate that the movie Mom somewhat looks like J.K. Rowling.

All in all, a very good movie. And I can hardly wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it again here at home and see the details that I missed.

As for, Did Kati dress up???? Well, kind-of. I did braid my hair rather uniquely, wore my shorts with a crescent-moon patch on the back pocket, and attempted to drape myself in some scarves & a sarong (shawl-style), and a couple of strands of MardiGras beads. I decided NOT to go for the witch hat, though for Halloween I may again. Only one of the strands of beads & scarves (the lightest silk scarf) stayed on through the whole movie. It was just too danged warm to be wearing shawls & multiple scarves & such.

I don't see why other people don't like dressing up. I love it when I have the chance to be more flamboyant & colorful than might be appropriate in daily life. I rather figure that we all take ourselves far too seriously on a day to day basis that when given the chance, I love to dress somewhat flamboyantly and act a little silly & look a little bit rediculous. That's a part of why I love Halloween (American style). Besides any spiritual meanings as Samhain, Halloween gives adults one real chance during the year to be flamboyant & rediculous and enjoy it, in a world that often almost requires us to be colorless & serious.

Ah, well.... Just some Saturday morning musings. I need to get some coffee and get going to the grocery store, and then get that application filled out yet. Then tonight we've got the reunion supper. The hubby is rather peeved about going as NOBODY seems to know what we'll be having for dinner, and as we're paying $55 (because we didn't pay prior to now) a person, at the door, we really better have good food and not mediocre crap. But, suspicions are that we're going to have some bland, patheticly tasteless buffet style food. *sigh* I hope that's not the case. I really do. And, the one friend of DH's that he was looking forward to seeing there (the husband of a girl who graduated with me) is NOT going because he doesn't want to spend $100 on buffet table crap.... S0, now DH is acting all grumpy & peevish about it. *sigh* Ah well. He'll get over himself. Eventually.

Have a Blessed Day!


Gardener Greg said...

I love to dress up too. This week, DW and I have been invited to a fancy resturant so tonight we are both getting new outfits. We rarely get to go any place fancy so this will be a treat. I too love halloween because of the dressup.

Bardouble29 said...

How fun my friend!!! I love dressing up too...I always try to dress up for halloween.