Saturday, July 14, 2007


So, we got the placement of the damned street light fixed. It's no longer in our front yard, now it's on the property line between my house & my next-door-neighbour's, so that it light's both of our parking areas without shining directly in our house windows. Good, one problem solved.

Now to give the person who gave the go-ahead to start digging, a call. Because at 7:35 this morning I woke up to their big old drill truck backing up in my parking area, and at 7:50, these guys started drilling. I'll say it again..... 7:50 on a SATURDAY MORNING these guys are in a RESIDENTIAL Neighbourhood, DRILLING UP MY DRIVEWAY! And, because it's got to go through ashphalt (instead of grass & dirt) they say it's going to take longer. And once they get the drilling done, they're going to bring in a boom truck to set the "cage" down into the whole before they do the wiring & the cement-work. (1 guess as to why they call it a "boom" truck, I'm thinking.) Evidently they were given 2 months to do this job of 60 streetlights, and they're trying to get it done in less. *shaking head*

Why they didn't come in and drill the whole yesterday, during the work-day, I don't know..... Why they are doing these things 1 and 2 at a time, instead of a whole road at a time, I've got no clue.

F*CK! I'm so increadibly tired right now. It's a REALLY good thing that S. & Tay are gone for the weekend, because when I'm tired, I'm pissy, and teary, and ready to take folk's head's off. And after 10 years of being a mom, I value what little sleep I get greatly. Top it off, I'm PMS'ing this weekend. So much for a nice, relaxing, QUITE! weekend.

And, when I went out to ask the guys how long this was going to take, the supervisor was absolutely unsympathetic and commented on how HE never gets sleep as his twin little girls wake him up at 4 every morning. Good for f**king HIM! I told him how MY husband was nice enough to take our daughter fishing this weekend so that I COULD have some sleep, and here they're ruining it. And this doesn't happen more than about twice a year, me getting a weekend to myself and getting to sleep in. And it's evidently NOT happening this year, after all. This will be probably the only weekend my hubby is GOING to get to take my daughter fishing, not having any leave-time he can take for fishing & hunting this year.

And I couldn't even find any ear-plugs. F**K! It's now 8:28, I'm awake and so rediculously tired!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Congrats on getting the light moved! I'm sorry you couldn't sleep in though. One of the main reasons I don't own a gun is that I would likely shoot the people who dare to disturb my sleep.

Connie Peterson said...

If a woman kills her husband and gets an all female jury, then claims PMs, she would get off scot-free! Been there, done that .. this ol' crone don't gotta worry bout that no more!!! But I can remember, relate and sympathise
(oh, heck, can't spell the darn word) ... understand!!