Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summertime in Alaska.....

This is what I LOVE: Those are my sugar-snaps, all of them, from my plants. I told ya I didn't have a very big plot. BUT, I DO have enough room for a couple of meal's worth. And oooooh, they're best fresh & uncooked.

This is what I HATE: This was taken from right inside my front door, at 7:50 am. Yes, THIS MORNING. This is why I wake up on a summer morning groaning for winter. Pathetic, isn't it????? So much for that front yard, that's just finally starting to look nice again. That corner down there below the willow, just at the edge of the street..... I was going to plant some wild irises there this fall, for next spring. *sigh* They sure as hell better fix the yard, when they leave!!!!! I'm not going to put up with them tearing up my yard & leaving it in shambles, or filled back in with gravel.

Oh, and my next-door neighbour came through Sunday evening with his riding lawn-mower. He wasn't nearly as careful with our lawn & flower-beds as he is at his house. Occasionally he gets a bee in his bonnet to do something about what he sees as our overly-long lawn. And this time, we didn't have the edging fence across the largest section of our flower beds. So, he came through & plowed down half of my flowers. Crushed another 1/4 of them. Chopped up my the pot containing my ivy plant (which was sitting alongside my flower bed for the summer), and left a nasty mess to be cleaned up.

*sigh* Why do I even bother???

Have a Blessed Day!

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