Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is it so wrong?????

Is it so wrong to be passionate about what you love????

Twice now in the last week I've been told by older coworkers that they hope that my intensity tones down with age. And not that I'm bouncing off the walls..... One of the two times was when I expressed my fervent hope that I get this job out here at the NP Branch Lib. I commented on how I HAVE got my heart set on moving back out here to my local library. And she responded that I shouldn't have my heart set, because that results in getting your heart broken.

The other was today when I commented on how I LOVE to get lost in a good book, or a good series, and the coworker said that it's not good to get lost in novels when you must face life.

Not arguing with either point, in and of itself.... But shouldn't we feel passionate about what we love best???? I love books. I always have. I always will. And I hope I NEVER lose the passion that prompts me to share that love of books with other people. I think I would feel as though a huge chunk of who I am had been ripped away if I ever lose this passion for the written word. Is that such a bad thing???? Is it such a bad thing to want this job close to home so badly that I can almost taste it???? Is it such a bad thing to enjoy spending a little bit each day reading about & sharing in the lives of fictional people, to get me out of my own problems for just a little bit???? I don't spend all my days lost in fictional worlds any more. I recognize that it is not healthy for me (or anybody else) to do so. But, there's just something about spending a short time sharing in the lives of fictional others that allows one to drop one's own problems for just a bit. And whether I'm greatful that my problems aren't so great, or that their problems are similar to mine, it allows me to escape, just for a bit, from my own life.

And beyond the sharing in the lives of these fictional others..... I don't get to travel. I certainly can't see Hogwarts in person, enjoying it through Harry's eyes is something I wouldn't miss out on. Flying on dragon's wings across the Pernese skies.... A treat not to be passed up on. Reading about Claire's life in 1760's Scotland.... Amazing to see how things change & how things stay the same.

Is it wrong to be so passionate about books??? To be passionate about whatever it is you love????

Have a Blessed Day!

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